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did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy where the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe

Jabberwocky 2.0.43

Supported added for Java 1.6, Jabberwocky will now work only with java 1.6.x
Due to changes in the socket implementation of SBCL , the interaction window with SBCL does not start anymore

Jabberwocky 2.0.42

Solved a bug in the interaction window, that sometimes caused the insert of output before the command that caused the output

Jabberwocky 2.0.40

Display of the blinking cursor has been improved.
Jabberwocky removes now the selected list and parentheses highlights if you click outside a list.
A try catch has been added to the code of the project thread, so that a error does not cause stop anymore the automatical update of the project window.

Jabberwocky 2.0.39

Solved a potential combinatoric explosion by the code analyzer (this caused a out of memory error or hang during the analyze of complex statements).
Corrected a documentation error about installation of Jabberwocky (the installation directory may not be the same as the extraction directory) (reported by Pjilip Robinson)

Jabberwocky 2.0.38

A bug which caused a crash of the SBCL interaction pane on fast machines has been resolved.

Jabberwocky 2.0.37

A bug in the indentation that changed 'unless' in 'when' and 'nil' in () is resolved. (Reported by Adam Pauls)

Jabberwocky 2.0.36

A serious bug causing a thread leak is resolved. Thanks goes to Adam Pauls for reporting this and providing a fix.

Jabberwocky 2.0.35

Added a option to the popupmenu of the lisp repository to stop the associated lisp process (as this is not yet stable enough)
Corrected a bug in the syntax recogniser of multidimensional arrays
Changed the highlighting and indentation of defmacro forms.
Solved a possible hangup problum during load editor content.
Solved a communication problem with sbcl that caused the failure of the debugger for sbcl

Jabberwocky 2.0.34

Lisp node in Project window is updated correctly now when a symbol changes from package.
KeyMap list is sorted on short description.
<Alt-N> encloses the current symbol (or the next form) with parentheses.
Open watch buffer are rememberd when Jabberwocky closes.
<Ctrl-X><->> moves the closing parenthese of the current form to after the next form.
<Ctrl-X><<-> moves the opening parenthese of the current form to begin of the previous form.
Allows to associate a lisp process with the lisp repository, this lisp process will help in analyzing lisp expressions (like pathname expressions for example). Warning this is still a little bit shaky
Rewrote the analyzing of pathname expression to use the associated lisp process of the lisp repository (prime raison for dooing this is that (logical) pathname translations depends on the lisp system used).Warning this is still shaky.
Added a binary distribution for java 1.4.x

Jabberwocky 2.0.33

Solved a bug in the undo of indentation. (reported by Arie van Wingerden)
Indentation of a document does not add a new line anymore. (reported by Arie van Wingerden)
A problem with the indentation of the first line of a form is solved. (repored by Arie van Wingerden)

Jabberwocky 2.0.32

Units are shown when integer options are modified. (suggested by Arie van Wingerden)
Copy,Cut,Paste and delete menu items are added to the popup window of the interaction buffer. (suggested by Arie van Wingerden)
Command history window will not overlap anymore with the taskbar. (suggested by Arie van Wingerden)
Complex numbers are parsed correctly now.
'Load Editor Content With Error Check' switches to the Task window and selects the 'Load' type and the file loaded, when there are errors during the load. (suggested by Arie van Wingerden)
Close of a open file, not in a project, will remove all the warnings and errors about this file in the Task window. (suggested by Arie van Wingerden)

Jabberwocky 2.0.31

The <Home> and <End> keys are mapped on jump to begin and end of line. (suggested by Arie van Wingerden)
A bug in the windows version which caused a hang of the interaction buffer when 'load editor content with check' is executed on a source containing CR characters is solved. (Thanks goes to Arie van Wingerden inhelping solving this bug))

Jabberwocky 2.0.30

Solved a problem about the parsing of #x,#b,#o and #c literals in assignments.
Solved a problem about the parsing of keywords in assignments.
Added support to parse make-pathname expressions.
Using ctrl-i to switch to a interaction window does no longer give a error it the Task Manager is current.
Using ctrl-t in the interaction bufferes will not switch anymore to the Task Manager.
Changed the default help browser for windows to the IE, suggested by Arie van Wingerden.
Added firefox to the list of help browsers
A bug with checked menu items has been solved, reported by Arie van Wingerden.
A interaction buffer will check during startup if adsf support is available before trying to load adsf, avoiding some annoying error messages, reported by Arie van Wingerden.
Close, in the popup window of the interaction buffer, will close the interaction buffer, suggested by Arie van Wingerden.
A hangup caused by some changes in the way focus management is done in java 1.5 is resolved.
Focus management problems caused when the last editor buffer is closed and a new one is created are resolved, reported by Arie van Wingerden.
Load editor content and compile editor content will ensure now that the cursor is at the begin of a new line after the operation, suggested by Arie van Wingerden.

Jabberwocky 2.0.29

Added syntax coloring for numeric lisp constants (numbers, complex numbers ...)
Jabberwocky tries to track the values of parameters, constants and variables (only setf and setq statements at the toplevel are recognized). A tooltip in the project explorer shows the values.
Description and initial values in defconstant, defparameter and defvar are recognised know.

Jabberwocky 2.0.28

Added code to the clisp listener so that it terminates the process, when the stdin is disconnected, this should solve the problem of having a clisp ghost process consuming all CPU in Windows when a CLISP session is closed.
Solved a concurrency exception in the features processing.
Manual added features are automatically converted to lower cases now.
Closing of files (not in a open project) causes there removement from the default project.

Jabberwocky 2.0.27

Added a frame list in the restart window of gcl.
The hint window does not hang anymore when gcl is used as interaction buffer.
Diasbled asdf support for gcl (as gcl does not yet work with asdf)
Background updating of the task list and the project tree has changed to have less impact on performance
Solved a bug in the regular expression search, causing Jabberwocky to hang.
Jabberwocky should now clean up all the tempory files when stopping.

Jabberwocky 2.0.26

Start work on adding support for GCL (from 2.6.1, compiled with ANSI).
Added a action to comment/uncomment a list.
Changed the name of some tempory files, so that they will be deleted when Jabberwocky stops.
Corrected the parsing of nested multiline comments.
Solved a compilation error for the installation of SBCL support.
Wrote documentation for asdf (see asdf documentation)
Added asdf support for CLISP,SBCL and CMUCL.

Jabberwocky 2.0.25

Solved a installation hangup when using java 1.5.
Added support for asdf-install. This is currently only working for cmucl and the list of installable asdf packages is hard coded (Don't know a easy way to get a list of all asdf packages from cliki).
Hopefully solved a intermediate synchronization problem, causing sometimes the disappearance of the cursor.

Jabberwocky 2.0.24

This is a intermediate release to solve some some installation problems with the latest version.

Corrected a installation problem caused by missing *.xsl files.
Solved a installation problem for CMUCL (latest version) caused by a move of function from the USER package to the COMMON-LISP-USER package.(Reported by Ken Keefe)

Jabberwocky 1.0.05

Solved a installation problem for CMUCL (latest version) caused by a move of function from the USER package to the COMMON-LISP-USER package.(Reported by Ken Keefe)

Jabberwocky 2.0.23

Corrected a problem about the syntax coloring of class options.
Class accessors, base classes, derived classes and documentation strings are added to the generated documentation.
Corrected some bugs in the xslt files generating the html documentation for a project.

Jabberwocky 2.0.22

The generated documentation contains now hyperlinks for the definition of slot-functions (to classes or structs) and methods (to generic functions).
Added Referred by and Referres to hyperlinks to a function/macro definition.
A interaction buffer addes now a ==> prompt to the output from a lisp process, this allows the parser to skip the output in a interaction buffer and concentrate on the input text. Numerous parse errors because of unmatched of spurious characters in the output are avoided.
The hint system works correctly with keywords now (previously a fixed order on keyword parameters was assumed).
A bug in the hint system (caused by the documentation generation) causing the disappearance of the list of possible code completions has been corrected.

Jabberwocky 2.0.21

Solved a installation bug happening when the only lisp detected is sbcl (reported by Gon�lo Neto)
Added extra information to the documentation generated for defstruct.
Added lambda list documentation and definition references to the slot-functions, constructor,copier and predicate functions of a struct

Jabberwocky 2.0.20

Solved a bug in the collapsing code.
Solved numerous problems for hint system and lambda lists.
Solved numerous installation problems on windows.
Work has been started on the automatic generation of documentation (based on the information in the repository and comments added to definitions). Right click on a project and choose Generate Documentation to test this.

Jabberwocky 2.0.19

Comments before a definition and comment strings of functions and macros are added to the repository, this is used now by the hint system but will be used in the future for document generation based on source comments.
The hint system displayes the comment string and the preceding comment of a defined function or macro.
The hint system recognizes known lambda lists of functions and macros.
The hint system uses html now for display.
TODO:'s in a form are recognized now.
Improved performance of the hint system for deeply nested calls.

Jabberwocky 2.0.18

Support for features has been added, this should make code analyses more accurate when #+ or #- is used.
Constructors, accessors and copiers of structs are recognized now.
Better syntax coloring for structs.
Added syntax coloring support for typecase and ftype to avoid false warnings in the code analyses

Jabberwocky 2.0.17

Find and replace work now in background and will not block user interface (usefull for large projects).
Jabberwocky recognizes now accessors, readers and writers in class definitions.

Jabberwocky 2.0.16

A synchronization problem causing code analyze to fail in some cases, has been resolved.
The code analyzer recognizes now terminating macro chars and constituents.
Added a option to do indentation with tab characters.
Added filtering and sorting to the taskmanager.
The task manager recognizes now 'TODO: todo' in comments.

Jabberwocky 2.0.15

A serious bug (introduced in the previous version) causing a infinite loop when opening a new document has been corrected.
TAB characters are now supported in Jabberwocky.
Added a option to allow you to control if tabs are replaced by spaces during load (see <Options><Editor><Remove tabs on load>.
Added the possibility collapse code and expand code via ALT-C and ALT-E

Jabberwocky 2.0.14

Changed the priorities of background threads to improve the performance of the GUI thread when analyzing big projects
The errors/warnings in the taskmanager associated with a project will be cleared if the project is deleted
Problems in the package analyzer will be displayed as warnings in the task window
Syntax errors detected during code analyze will be shown as warnings in the task window
Added <Interaction><Load Editor Content With Error Check> action to the menu and the task bar (), this action will load each lisp form in the current editor buffer in the current lisp interaction, adding a entry in the task window if the element failed to load.
Solved a minor problem with the interpretion of #+ and #- constructs
When Jabberwocky must decide on the use of a interaction pane and no interaction pane is selected, a dialog box appears that let you choose one of the available interaction panes.
Added auto save of open documents
Solved a small cursor display problem

Jabberwocky 2.0.13

Jabberwocky 2.0.12

Solved a resource leak that caused a out of memory error for big projects. (reported by James Amundson)
Added a option Max heap size of Java vmin <Options><General>, this could be used to increase the maximum amount of memory that Java uses (needed if you want to open big projects).
Solved a bug introduced in the previous version which prevented you from closing workpanes.
Numerous bugs in the interpretion of packages are solved.
Added a task window to show errors/warnings in code (for the moment used only by the package analyzer)
Sometimes Jabberwocky will not correctly save its state during exit, this should resolved now.

Jabberwocky 2.0.11

Updated the userguide to include documentation about the package support.
Added support for shadow, shadowed-import and use-package.
Anonymous documents are now associated with a tempory file, solving null pointer exceptions and problems with editing of anonymous documents.

Jabberwocky 2.0.10

A serious bug in the code analyzer, causing it to loop forever and eat up all memory in some cases has been fixed. (Reported by Joseph R. Kiniry).
A bug causing a exponentional increase in analyze time for nested calls has been resolved (Reported by Joseph R. Kiniry).
The old explorer is replaced by a new project explorer which has support for packages. Please be aware that this is not yet fully tested and that Jabberwocky does not yet support all the package related functions and macros.

Jabberwocky 1.0.03

Two serious bugs in the code analyzer are fixed, everyone using Jabberwocky 1.0.x is strongly advised to upgrade to this version.

A serious bug in the code analyzer, causing it to loop forever and eat up all memory in some cases has been fixed. (Reported by Joseph R. Kiniry).
A bug causing a exponentional increase in analyze time for nested calls has been resolved (Reported by Joseph R. Kiniry).

Jabberwocky 2.0.09

The hint system uses now the information of the repository for code completion (this means that code completion will become package sensitive (a package: or package:: prefix will be added if needed).

Jabberwocky 2.0.08

The new project explorer has now support for closing projects,rescanning of a project, creating folders and files, delete of folders and files and copy,cut and paste of folders and files.

Jabberwocky 2.0.07

Started work to replace the old Project Explorer with a new one which will have support for packages and acts as a descent repository.

A new tab is added in the Explorer pane. This tab represents a repository showing showing the projects,the packages,their interned,exported,shadowed nodes and the packages used. The old Explorer will be fully replaced by this new tab in the next versions.
A null pointer exception in the installation routine for windows has been fixed. (thanks to J�g Kalsbach for the fix)

Jabberwocky 2.0.06

Started rewrite of the Explorer to add support for packages.

Jabberwocky 2.0.05

Jabberwocky is able to use ACL in windows(be aware that ACL functionality is not yet fully tested).
Rewrite of the code completion in the hint system is complete, it's behavior is now fully based on the same syntax definitions as used by the syntax analyzer and the debugger.
Syntax description in the hint system will display a description for the standard lisp functions and macros even if there is no interaction buffer active.
A popupmenu will no longer destroy the selection in the windows version.
The full pathname of a document is now used when you choose a new document for a split buffer.

Jabberwocky 2.0.04

Started work on code completion that is based on the same syntax definition as the syntax analyzer and the debugger.
Removed unneccesary imports from the Java code.
Some bugs concerning debugging loop forms has been resolved.
Syntax coloring of the loop construct has been corrected, all the examples in testloop.lisp are now displayed correctly.
A popupmenu will no longer delete the selection in a underlying buffer.
Scrolling through a popup menu will no longer change the selected text in the underlying buffer.

Jabberwocky 1.0.03

Removed unneccesary imports from the Java code.
Some bugs concerning debugging loop forms has been resolved.
Syntax coloring of the loop construct has been improved (dotted list are not supported (this is done in version 2.0.04))
A popupmenu will no longer delete the selection in a underlying buffer.
Scrolling through a popup menu will no longer change the selected text in the underlying buffer.

Jabberwocky 2.0.03

Rewrite of binding of key sequences has been finished.

Added a "return" action bound to <shift-enter>, this action will send a new line to the interaction process.
The binding of a key sequence to a action has been rewritten to get a consistent behavior. the rules for a key binding are now as follows:
Each action can be bound to only one key sequence,
Different modes can have different key bindings.
The key sequence of a binding can not be a subset of the key sequences of another binding in the same mode. (no ambiguous binding is possible)

Jabberwocky 2.0.02

Further work on the support for ACL and SBCL, this is still not fully complete and only Linux is supported for ACL at this moment.

Rewrite of the binding of keysequences to actions has been started. This will allow different bindings in different modes (although each action may only have one keysequence bound to it).
SBCL : Correct display of watchpoints on instances of classes and structs.
SBCL : Project directory is set automatically.
SBCL : Sending of signals is possible.
SBCL : Debugging seems to work.
SBCL : Interaction buffer works.
ACL : sending of signals to lisp process is possible now.
ACL : Project directory will be set automatically.
ACL : watchpoints display now also instances of classes and structs.

Jabberwocky 2.0.01

This is the development version of the next version of Jabberwocky.

Started also with support for SBCL.
Work has started to allow Jabberwocky to work with Allegro Common Lisp. The Linux version supports a interaction buffer, a watch buffer and debugging. Support for signals and extensive testing must still be done. The current testing has been done with the case sensitive lower case preferred mode (modern lisp). Support for the windows version of ACL will come later when the Linux port is finished.

Jabberwocky 1.0.02

Some minor bugfixes for the stable version

Because there seems to be a problem with Java and dead keys a workaround allowing you to associate a keysequence with a character has been written. Go to <Option><Workarounds> to make this assignment. Don't forget to save your changes via <Options><Save Configuration>. Be carefull not to use a keysequences which is part of a existing key binding to a action.
A minor installation bug generating some Java errors on the standard output when a installion error is displayed is resolved.
A watch problem when debugging a cmucl session (occurring when no lexical bindings are made) is resolved.

Jabberwocky 1.0.01

Minor bugfixes for the stable version

Dead keys in linux should work now.
Some blocking problems in the source installation process are solved.

Jabberwocky 1.0

The first stable release of Jabberwocky.

Start up times of a interaction buffer has been improved.
Startup errors complaining about missing actions (when you have only support for CMUCL or CLISP but not both) have been removed.

Jabberwocky 1.0.RC3.1

Some quick fixes for RC3.

Jabberwocky should work now with dead keys on keyboards with a different layout then qwerty. Thanks for Ivan Villnueva for reporting this.
The windows binary package contains now the setup.bat needed for the installation on Windows ME.
CMUCL communicated with /dev/sttyx when the CMUCL debugger was invoked and when Jabberwocky was started from the console. This stopped the communication between the interaction and the CMUCL process. This problem is solved now (I discovered that ILISP had to use the same fix to get it working). PS. This was never a problem if Jabberwocky was not started from a terminal window.

Jabberwocky 1.0.RC3

This should be the last release candidate (if I do not discover any serious bugs).

Better updating of the nodes in the Watch Explorer when debugging.
Editing a watch expression works now.
The speed of updating the explorer window has been greatly improved.
Some bugs, occurring when a directory,file or definition node in the explorer in the explorer is renamed, are fixed.
Solved a small bug in the extension management.
ctrl-enter now tries first to execute selected text and if nothing is selected the outermost list..

Jabberwocky 1.0.RC2

This is the second release candidate of Jabberwocky.

Solved a minor bug in macro recording (default initial argument of a incremental search was not stored in the macro).
Solved a regular expression search/replace bug causing corruption of data when the source file contained tab characters.
Solved some minor inconsistencies when saving a file.

Jabberwocky 1.0.RC1

This is the first release candidate of Jabberwocky.

Added the possibility to change the font of the Explorer,Watches and Macros pane. (Suggested by Dave Sieber).
Code cleanup (hopefully no new bugs are introduced :)).

Jabberwocky 1.0.beta11

Solved a bug in hinting for lambda definitions directly in the body of a definition (defun,...)
Installation on Windows XP, adds back the uninstall option of Jabberwocky in the Add/Remove Programs.
A identification of the current editor is now saved in the state so that Jabberwocky remembers what the current editor is during startup.
The value of a leaf displayed when debugging disappears now when you go to another buffer.
The ok button works now in a empty command history window.
The profiler slider appears/disappears directly now when you enable/disable profiling.
Solved a minor bug which caused profiling to stop working (bug introduced in the previous release).

Jabberwocky 1.0.beta10

Cleanup of the Lisp code as a preparation for the release candidates.
It is now possible to load a alternative configuration file (code contributed by Stephen Holder).
The cursor position is saved in the state when Jabberwocky is stopped.
Leaving a incremental search, removes now the search highlighting.
Executing a macro from a watch window or watch expression works now.
Load content and compile content of a interaction or watch buffer is disallowed now.
When Jabberwocky determines that there are LockJabberwocky... files in the temp dir, you get the option to delete these files during startup.
A bug concerning the change and save of keybindings is solved (thanks goes to Stephen Holder for reporting this).
A rather serious bug in the debugger, which caused the exit of program execution when a watch expression throws a error during stepping, is solved. (this was only a problem in the CMUCL version).
Solved a timing problem, which could stop the explorer window of loading a project during startup.

Jabberwocky 1.0.beta9

This was planned to be the last beta release, however due to extensive changes in this release (especially speedup of the instrumented code, I will have at least one extra beta release before releasing the release candidates.

Solved a bug which caused the non update from the project explorer when you edit file which is on a symbolic linked directory.
Better hinting is provided for the case, ccase and ecase statements.
Added the possibility to use the debugging functions when the interaction buffer is current, this to avoid that you have to switch to the debugged edit buffer to work with the debugger.
Added the possibility to work with multiple toolbars.
Modified the instrumented code generated by the debugger, yielding a considerable speedup of the instrumented code (is a factor 50 faster).
Added two options to control the generation of the instrumented code :
Instrument the debug after code, Turns on/off the generating of extra debugging code, to allow stopping after evaluating a form.
Instrument the check after code, Turns on/off the generating of extra debugging code, that causes entering the debugger when a error occurs during execution.
Solved a hangup bug in Jabberwocky occurring when a watch is taking place on a dead interaction process.
The correct hints are now displayed inside a lambda definition.
Solved a bug introduced in the previous beta, which caused a display of all intermediate versions of a definition in the hint window.
It is possible now to remove a watch buffer.
Improved the hint system for a class definition, to give more accurate information

Jabberwocky 1.0.beta8

Solved the socket error occurring when you start a second instance of Jabberwocky.
Solved a small cursor problem that occurs when a undo operation places the cursor outside the document boundaries.
Extended the functionality of the information displayed in the hint window for code completion.
Made the list of possible completions in the hint window more correct (only definitions in project containing the edited file are displayed (if you are in a interaction buffer definitions of all projects are used) and functions,macros,methods are defined in function call, parameters,variables and constants are shown for form arguments.
The explores keeps track of defined constants, parameters and types.
A filenode in the explorer window is only repainted when the list of definitions in the filenode changes.
Closing a modified editor buffer will ask for confirmation before closing the buffer.
Keystrokes are now included in macro recording, see Macro Recording (reported by Raja Reddy).
The win32 version will not have anymore a button and menupoint entry to start CMUCL (suggestion from Raja Reddy for suggesting this).
Errors and warnings get cleared automatically when you do something after a error or warning (suggestion from Raja Reddy).
A bug causing a hang of the win32 installation when Jabberwocky is already installed is resolved.
Setting breakpoints and stepping in mapc,mapcar,mapcan,mapl,maplist,mapcon,map,map-into and maphash is now possible
Setting a breakpoint and stepping into a anony;ous lambda is now possible.
Solved a annoying bug which prohibits the setting of breakpoints in a method definition.

Jabberwocky 1.0.beta7

Solved a bug in focusmanagement concerning focus lost when editing a cloned edit buffer and clicking on the explorer.
A bug placing the cursor in the wrong editor buffer when editing a cloned buffer is solved (this happens when you press (,", indentate element or indentate line.
Pressing <ctrl-t> will now work even if you have just split a buffer.
Solved a racing condition causing sometimes two cursors displayed or no cursor at all.
Added a exit splashscreen.
The filenodes and definitiontype nodes stay now open when the explorer tree gets updated because you updated definitions in the editor buffer.
Provided a workaround for a nasty bug in CLISP 2.30 which caused the CLISP process in a interaction window to die if you press too many returns in the interaction buffer. You can disable this workaround (if you don't use CLISP) via <Options><Workarounds><Workaround CLISPBug>. The maintainers of CLISP has provided a patch for CLISP to solve this bug and promised that the next version of CLISP will not have the problem. If you want to apply the patch you must have a source distribution for clisp and go to the src directory and apply the patch to stream.d

Jabberwocky 1.0.beta6

Add the possibility to choose the look and Java look and feel.
Major redesign of icons.
Solved a bug in the display of class or struct values when watching.
Moved the tabs in the explorer pane to the top.
Solved a focusing problem in the Linux version when displaying a dialog box in a buffer.
Corrected a bug in the win32 platform that stopped the popup menu appearing when you right clicked on nodes in the macro explorer (reported by Raja Reddy)
Solved the Error: Win32 (ERROR_PATH_NOTFOUND) error that can occurs during startup in the WIN32 platform.

Jabberwocky 1.0.beta5

The version for the WIN32 platform, saves now the state of the open projects when exited
Solved some bugs with the online hinting and code completion.
Added the possibility to set the current directory for the lisp processes.
Added shortcuts for the toplevel menus.
Redesigned the icons used in debugging.
The state of the files open in Jabberwocky when you exit it (on the WIN32 platform) is now correctly saved.
A bug which will cause on the WIN32 platform a failure of the compilation of a editor buffer content is solved. (Reported by Raja Reddy).
Corrected a installation bug in the WINDOWS NT/XP/9X port that caused the installation to fail (Thanks for Raja Reddy for reporting this).

Jabberwocky 1.0.beta4

A bug inhibiting the display of the cursor when you click on a editor buffer in a cloned editor buffer in some cases is solved.
Solved a problem in macro replaying when more then one question is asked.
Search and replace will no longer try to replace if no match is found.
Pressing <ctrl-p> starts now a backward incremental search instead of a forward incremental earch.
SaveAs dialog checks if we try to overwrite a existing file.
Add .lsp and .lisp extensions to the save file dialog.
Jabberwocky's state will include now new files saved during exit.
During load, the .LispIDE configuration file is checked on correctness and if there is a error in it, a dialog box will give you the option to create a new configuration file to avoid errors in the future.
Added background and title images to the online help. Thanks to Raja Reddy.
HyperSpec support works now with HyperSpec from Harlequin or form Xanalysis

Jabberwocky 1.0.beta3

Third beta release of Jabberwocky (fixing some problems introduced in the second beta). For a list of known bugs see bugs.

java 1.4.0 for windows has a serious bug when painting different colors over each other in XOR mode. This version tries to work around this bug by not using XOR mode and do the background painting in a predefined order. This workaround is far from ideal so if possible you should upgrade to java 1.4.1 (Jabberwocky will automatically detect if it can use XOR or not).
Due to the fact that some configuration functions are changed some warnings will be shown if you start Jabberwocky for the first time (this happens only if you have used Jabberwocky before). To avoid further warnings during startup in the future, use <Options/Save Configuration>.

Added the possibility to refer to the HyperSpec via <shift-F1> (context sensitive) or <F2> (index in the HyperSpec). For more information see using help
Solved a bug in displaying help via a third party browser.
Extra buttons are added in the edit mode for the most used actions. Thanks to Raja Reddy and Sharmila.
Deleting interaction will delete also its corresponding watch points.
Actions using the instruction field will not give the focus back to the editor buffer. This solves the focusing problems with search, replace ... .
As of java 1.4.1, setXORMode should work, so I added a test to turn on setXORMode if this version of java is used. Highlighting works in this case as in Linux.
Highlights are sorted for Windows with java 1.4.0x (this version of java has a bug relating to setXORMode), to avoid this bug I had to disable XORMode on Windows, which caused for example in debugging the highlighted code to flash and overwritten by the selection highlight when focus was returned to the editor buffer. This bug is solved now.

Jabberwocky 1.0.beta2

Second beta release of Jabberwocky. For a list of known bugs see bugs.

Using the hintwindow to do a replacement, will not take the focus away from the editor buffer anymore (patch by Raja Reddy).
Double clicking on a hintselection in the hintwindow replaces the word containing the cursor with the selected hint (patch by Raja Reddy)).
The focus is no longer taken away from a edit/interaction buffer when you press a toolbar button.
A toolip bug causing the tooltip not always showing the keybindings is fixed.
The 'Winsock error 10106' error in the Windows XP(2000) versions is fixed, debugging in Windows XP(2000) should be possible now (reported and solved by Raja Reddy).
Stopping Jabberwocky in Windows will now wait for some time to give the CLISP process time to stop. This should stop the occurance of a lisp.exe ghost process eating up all CPU time.
The watch node displaying the result of evaluating a expression, displays now also the name of the interaction buffer.
The full text of watchnodes is displayed now.
Solved some bugs for profiling and tidied up the profiling user interface.
Command history is kept within the screen boundaries (was mostly a Windows problem).

Jabberwocky 1.0.beta1

First beta release of Jabberwocky. For a list of known bugs see bugs.

Resolved a a lisp-java communication problem in the Windows 9x(ME,NT,2000,XP) version causing the "Expected a character N,B,S,A,L,I,O or C but received" warnings.
Solved the extensive flickering of the hint panel in the Windows version (reported by Raja Reddy).
Jabberwocky will not hang anymore when you delete a interaction buffer with a stopped lisp process.
compile-editor will in addition to compiling the content of the current editor, also load the compiled file.
Bound undo to <alt-U>
Bound redo to <alt-R>
Fixed some bugs for undo/redo (especially with indentation).
Cursor position when you click on the last line works now.
A textselection bug occurring when you drag the selection area over the first line is solved (reported and solved by Raja Reddy).
Jabberwocky remembers now the location of the lisp executable given during installation (reported and solved by Raja Reddy).
If you have ant installed on your system, the compilation of the source version has been speed up enormously thanks to ant support added by Raja Reddy.
Jabberwocky should work now also on Windows 9x(ME) thanks to the work of Raja Reddy.

Jabberwocky 0.022

Code cleanup and some bugfixes.

Help files can now be viewed in a JEditorPane, in addition to a external browser thanks to a patch from Raja Reddy.
You can interrupt a question via <escape>
Changed the keybindings of startrecording,stoprecording and replayrecording actions, so that they will not conflict with other keybindings
The question text is not removed anymore when a question is asked.
Fixed a bug in indentation of #+ and #-
Improved indentation for cond a little bit
Pressing ctrl-shift-( or ctrl-shift-" will give you ( or " when code completion is turned on or () or "" if code completion is turned of"
The syntax help of a function/macro with no args displays now a empty arglist instead of the word 'There' (this happended only in CMUCL)
Syntax help displays is now based on the current selected interaction buffer (instead of the first interaction buffer)
Solved a bug in watching expressions that causes the display of collections with twice as many elements
Added find/replace to the popup menus for a project node or the Projects node
Tempory files created during debugging are cleaned up now.
Putting the same command in the command history as the previous command is avoided
Inserting a command from the command history can be evaluated again
Empty commands will no longer be added to the command history
A bug in the installation program prohibiting you from changing the installation directory of the startup script is solved.
The installation program for windows uses now the correct installation drive for the startup script installation (previously c: was always used)
The popup menu for the project node in the explorer offers now a list of extensions when you want to create a new file
When a editor buffer loses keyboard focus it is now guaranteed that the cursor dissapears (this did not happen when you clicked on the explorer window (incorrectly giving the impression that you could insert characters in the editor buffer)).
Saving a new buffer in a open project will now automatically refresh the file node content
Closing a project which does some background syntax analyzing stops now the syntax analyzing thread.
Pressing <return> after the lisp prompt in the interaction buffer adds now a new line in the interaction buffer.

Jabberwocky 0.021

Code cleanup, some bugfixes and adding of binary packages for Linux and Windows.

Added binary packages for Linux and Windows 2000/XP which requires only the Java Runtime. (The windows version is not yet fully tested). See Installing for instructions to install a binary package.
Solved a buffer problem in the installation program which could cause a hang of the installation program (in the latest version of Java).
A bug which prohibits Jabberwocky from closing when Jabberwocky is started for the very first time is solved
Reduced the cpu load caused by polling in the CLISP interaction buffer (thanks to Martin J.Brown, Jr for reporting this problem).

Jabberwocky 0.020

Code cleanup, some bugfixes and some minor features.

Changed processing of in interaction window to work more logical.
All the documentation about actions is now generated by Jabberwocky.
Update the documentation to contain new actions
It is now possible to send signals to a process in the interaction window. (ctrl-c will now send a sigint instead of trying to execute (break))
Fixed a bug in the parentheses matching which caused automatic line indentation to work incorrectly
Added a submenu for the know file extension in the popupmenu to create a new filenode
Finished the rename of a definition

Jabberwocky 0.019

Code cleanup and some minor modifications

It is now possible to rename a definition (function,macro,genericfunction) and replace all uses of this definition with the new definition (not fully finished)
Added possibility to change the link between a extension and the parser (for the moment there is only one parser but this can change in the future.
Added the possibility to disable the highlighting of the enclosing list
When you change the keybinding, pressing does not disregard anymore the current keybinding

Jabberwocky 0.018

Further revision of the code of Jabberwocky.

Added option to change the browser to display help in
Save configuration will now also save the keybindings
Added some checks so that action can not have two keybindings
ctrl-g cancels a keysequence
Added suggestion for next key sequence in the message area
List in font selection positions itself now on the current font
Added a check on the existence of the lisp startup file when starting a LISP session
Getting the syntax definition when displaying a hint does not cause a hang anymore when the lisp system fails to find the definition
Solved a closing problem of a buffer when this buffer was part of a splitted buffer.

Jabberwocky 0.017

Started to revise the code of Jabberwocky as preparation for the first beta release.

Improved the calculation of the preferred size a little bit
If text is selected then inserting a new character will now delete the selected text
Installation will not fail anymore if either CLISP or CMULISP is missing

Jabberwocky 0.016

Incorrect extending of highlight parentheses bug solved
Problem where you could not edit a buffer anymore when you close it and then reopen the same file is solved
Added keybindings to delete the current leaf, element, toplevel element and the current line
Added keybinding to select the current line
Installation routine tests on the correct Java version (which should be 1.4)
Error messages of the installation routine are displayed in JTextArea, this allows you to copy the error message in a mail body (to send a bugreport)

Jabberwocky 0.015

Added keybindings to select leaf,element,toplevel element and to widen and shorten the selection
Changed the priority of the threads analyzing the project files and waiting for output from LISP so they don't hog up the user interface
Goto line now jumps to the correct line (and the line before the indicated line)
Line numbering start from 1 now
Rewrote the code to display a cursor, to make cursor movements faster
Added extra functionality to the JABBERWOCKY package

Jabberwocky 0.014

Output in the interaction buffers does not cause anymore a focus shift to these buffers
The stderr output from the lisp process will be displayed before stdout output. Output from the lisp process should be more logical now
Solved serious bug which occurs when comment font size is different from normal font size (this caused a clipping of the lines and incorrect behavior of the cursor display
Warnings and serious errors are now logged in the $HOME/.Jabberwocky/error.log file, if you report a bug, please include this file with your e-mail message.
Moved the location from the statefiles (.LispIDE and .LispIDEState) from $HOME to $HOME/.Jabberwocky
Solved a bug in cursor placement during startup
Solved some bugs in focus management when clicking on tabs
The time reported in a warning is the correct time now
Jabberwocky can be extended by LISP code which will be executed by the running lisp processes, see extending Jabberwocky
The command history is saved during exit making it persistent between sessions
Solved a bug in the installation routine, which causes out-of memory errors when compilation of a java source failed

Jabberwocky 0.013

The macro recording feature is complete now. Started to work on using LISP as the scripting language for the IDE

Added automatically html documentation of the actions
Added support to use LISP as a extension language
Added a explorer window to browse through the macros
Finished work on macro recording
Solved the occasional "DEBUGGER" package not found problem when starting a interaction buffer

Jabberwocky 0.012

Started work on macro recording. Recording of actions already works, handling questions works only partially.

Started work on macro recording

Jabberwocky 0.011

Major rewrite of the drawing code of buffers. This makes repainting, cursor movements and editing of documents a lot faster. Speed should now decrease with log(n) instead of n (n=measure of the size of the buffer). Major rewrite of the parentheses matching code, this improves considerable the speed of the cursor movements.

Solved a bug in cursor placement after indentation of a document
Major speed improvement in parentheses matching and cursor movements
Major speed improvement in editor buffers
Display of a cursor is now done in a single thread, instead of a thread for each buffer
Debugging of a toplevel form or selected code in a separate window is now possible
Closing a debugged buffer no longer stops the LISP process
Revalidate after pressing enter at end of buffer
Command history is placed around the cursor position
Don't wait on next display cycle to display cursor when buffer becomes current

Jabberwocky 0.010 20/04/2002

Major rewrite of a big part of the generating code to support the loop facility. One of the biggest changes is the semantics of the syntax used to define the instrumentation of code. Where previously {[e1 .. en] n1 .. nn} causes first a try to match 'n1 ... nn' and if this fails a match of 'e1 ... en n1 ... nn' the situation is turned around now so that we first try to match 'e1...en n1 ... nn' and if this fails we try to match 'n1 ... nn', the semantics of {[e1 ... en]* n1 ... nn} is changed in the same way. This changes allowed me to write the complex syntax of the loop form in a easier way. If you have defined your own syntax, this can cause problems with this version. Remark: I have not yet updated the documentation concerning extending the debugger for this change.

Both simple and extended loops can be debugged now
Execution of selected code will execute now all the forms in the selection and not just the last form.
Added a wait of 10 ms when updating a file node, this should hopefully improve responsiveness of the interface when a big project is analyzed during startup

Jabberwocky 0.009 14/04/2002

A big part of the parsing and generating code of the debugger has been rewritten to support dotted list and the #+ and #- directive. This makes the loading of debugged code a little bit slower and can of course cause the introduction of some new bugs.

Undo/Redo does now revalidate and repaint buffer
Most recent entries in history list are now at the top
Selected command in history is not automatically executed
Rewritten support for #+ and #- in the debugger
Rewritten part of the parsing and conversion code of the debugger to support dotted lists
Started work on support for the loop facility in the debugger

Jabberwocky 0.008 01/04/2002

You can switch between the editor pane and the interaction pane via ctrl-i
You can switch between editors via ctrl-t
alt-g allows you to jump to a line
Indentation of comments starting with ;;; does no longer add extra newline
Indentation of comments starting with ; causes no longer incorrect indentation of the remaining elements
Auto indentate on enter of defclass is done correctly now
All buffers are repainted and revalidated now if color/font settings change
Minor bug in drawing line numbers is resolved
Split of a buffer causes no longer that one of the buffers does not react on keyboard
State of a split buffer is saved correctly now

Jabberwocky 0.007 24/03/2002

You can now send a break to the LISP process
Load of the editor content in the LISP process is now possible
Compiling of the editor content in the LISP process is now possible
Save the state of the interaction and watch buffers
Fixed enter processing by a interaction buffer
Fixed tabbed pane processing of interactions
Fixed numerous NullException bugs
Fixed display of warnings
Fixed problem in marking buffer as not modified when debugging buffer
Fixed debugger failing when there are watch buffers
Resizing of the Error,Message and Input area is now always possible

Jabberwocky 0.006 17/03/2002

Fixed problem of not removing closed buffers during cancel of exit
Fixed bug in the cursor processing for a empty buffer
Fixed a bug in the analyzes of anonymous functions
Added syntax coloring fro quoted and back quoted forms.
Added indentation of whole document or of current toplevel list

Jabberwocky 0.005 09/03/2002

Correction of some bugs in the installation code (thanks to Eugene Zaikonnikov)
Get it to work with CLISP-2.28
Added regular expression matching and multifile search and replace
Requires JDK 1.4 now (because of regular expressions)

Jabberwocky 0.004 03/03/2002

Rewrite of hint system to behave more logical and have no hangups
Added display of undefined functions (macros) to the hint system
Replace show/hide of the hint system by a toggle

Jabberwocky 0.003 25/02/2002

Performance improvements for cursor movements
Changed keyproccessing mechanism (eventqueue==>keylistners+focusmanager)
Font settings are saved when you save the configuration settings
Fixed a bug in the calculation of line height (when different fonts are used)
Fixed a bug in saving the state of open files
Fixed problem with moving up/down
Changed execute selected code to execute selected code or current list
Fixed problem of hangup LISP process because of a send of a incomplete lisp command

Jabberwocky 0.002 17/02/2002

Fixed problem with automatically indentation
Added display of line number and column number, to indicate position of cursor
Corrected bug in display of begin and end of a lisp form
Added time traveling
Added profiling