Known bugs

The crew was complete: it included a Boots--
A maker of Bonnets and Hoods --
A Barrister, brought to arrange their disputes --
And a Broker, to value their goods.

This page contains known but yet unresolved bugs. Hopefully this page will always shrink, if you have encountered a bug which is not mentioned here or (in the changes page) do send a mail to Marc Mertens, containing a description of the bug and if possible the circumstances that caused of the bug (so that I can repeat the buggy behaviour). If someone is using the source distribution and has found a solution himself, please send the patch and I will happely include it in the codebase of Jabberwocky.

Debugging in CMUCL 18e of code that uses the loop facility can give you runtime errors in the lisp process, this is a problem of CMUCL 18e itself and will hopefully be resolved in the final release in CMUCL. For the moment you can avoid the problem by disabling the check after code (a error will throw you then in the native lisp debugger and not in the debugger from Jabberwocky. To do this disable the <Options><Interaction>&lft;Instrument the check after code> option.
When using clisp version 2.30 the lisp process will die when a return is send before a command in a interaction buffer. This is a bug in clisp itself and will be solved in the next clisp version. A workaround in the latest version of Jabberwocky is available to solve this. You can disable this workaround (if you don't use CLISP) via <Options><Workarounds><Workaround CLISPBug>. If you have build clisp from sources you can apply the following patch which was provided to me by the maintainers from clisp. If you want to apply the patch you must have a source distribution for clisp and go to the src directory and apply the patch to stream.d
When you use java 1.4.1 with WindowsXP, you could have some crashes and hangups of your machine with some hardware. This appears to be a problem with java itself and you can solve it by turning of hardware accelleration (disabling DirectDraw and Direct3D). The problem was reported for a Compaq Presario 2818 AP with a ATI Mobility RadeOn 7500 AGP card and the Windows XP Home Edition.
Splitting a buffer will sometimes make the divider bar as big as the editor buffer itself, this is a bug of java 1.4.0. Please upgrade your java runtime to version 1.4.1_02.
Because of the way Windows 9x(NT,XP) works with processes it is not possible to signal the lisp process in the Windows 9x(NT,XP) version.